Latest Waterfront Real Estate in the Cayman Islands

Seafront Villa Cayman Islands

  • 6 bedrooms
  • Exclusive location
  • Private infinity swimming pool
  • $1,300,000

Waterfront Mansion Cayman Islands

  • 6 bedrooms
  • Private beach
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • POA
  • Land for development
  • Stunning sea views
  • Interest free for 5 years
  • From $60,000

Beachfront Land Investments

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The Cayman Islands have for many years enjoyed a thriving economy. Growth in population and tourism fuels the success of investments making investing in the Cayman Islands a profitable venture.

One significant factor in deciding to invest and/or reside in the Cayman Islands is that there is no direct taxation whatsoever. Reputable legal and accounting professionals are readily available to advise you on your offshore investments.

With no direct taxation, the islands are a thriving offshore financial center.

The Cayman Islands real estate market is uniquely attractive to those looking for an overseas holiday get-away, or a retirement residence.

For foreign investors, it can offer a solid capital return on their investment, as well as the chance to own a secluded piece of "paradise", with many islands for sale and luxury properties.

There are a wide variety of investment opportunities in the Cayman Islands from residential to commercial properties ranging from a small, secluded Caymanian cottage in the sparsely populated east end to a lavish Oceanfront Condominium on the world famous 7-mile beach.


1. No direct taxes imposed by the Cayman government: no property tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance taxes, no income tax, no non resident tax and no sales tax.

2. No restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate in the Cayman Islands.

3. Ownership can be held in one or more names of individuals or in a corporation, which does not reveal actual ownership.

4. Stability and Security - the Cayman Islands has a stable government, sophisticated infrastructure and a strong economy based on international banking and tourism

5. Privacy - no reporting of income or ownership to any government agency

6. Caymanians enjoy one of the highest outputs per capita and one of the highest standards of living in the world.

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