Hot Florida Investment !

Investment Highlights

        3/2 bed house, 1,472 sq feet on 10,516 sq feet of freehold land!

        Original selling price $208,000.

        Price Now: $93,500.

        Strong potential for capital growth.

        Average annual net rental income $6,749.64

        Fully managed & regularly inspected.

        Large waiting list of qualified tenants.

        Hands free monthly income!

Why Are Properties Selling So Cheap? House construction exploded in late 2004 through 2009. This resulted in a glut on the market where there was more homes than buyers. This also coincided with the global financial crisis where a lot of people lost their jobs and also their ability to pay their mortgages. Unfortunately when the buyers/owners could not secure financing on the newly constructed homes  banks/lenders were forced to foreclose which provided fuel for the market decline. The banks then ended up with a lot of homes with no buyers so they are selling them off cheaply to investors to recover some of their losses.  Today, home prices average those experienced in the late 1990’s providing an ideal time to invest

What to expect from your Hands-off Investment 

Each investment property provides you with a monthly income. This can be in the form of a check or wire transfer to your bank account.

By building a real estate portfolio house by house you can attain financial freedom. You would have a monthly income multiplied by the number of houses that you own. 

Each property comes with a tenant already in place so you get a monthly income from the very first day you buy the property.

Hands-off investment. You have 100% ownership of the properties you buy. Our property managers take over the daily maintenance of the properties.  

Monthly income and capital appreciation as the value of the house goes up.

You get a monthly statement showing the income and expenditure of your property.

Detached 3 bedroom property, Free-hold only 93,500!

For more information please send us an e-mail quoting property reference DK101

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